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Past Project

Of the many works performed or in progress we mention some of the most important in recent years:

AERITALIA Plant of Pomigliano d'Arco (NA)
AGIP GAS Plant in Naples: Removal and insulation from lines of the Thermal Power Plant
ANSALDO ABB COMPONENTI Painting of no. 2 groups of 660 Mw - Enel in Tavazzano
ANSALDO ENERGIA Operation Division Legnano: final painting Groups 3rd and 4th of 320 MW each c/o
ANSALDO TRASPORTI Removing asbestos from deposit
ENEL Thermoelectric plant of S. Filippo del Mela (ME): Full painting no. 6 Groups of Fiumaretta Thermal Power Station - Civitavecchia: complete Painting – Thermal Power Station of Naples Levante: Full painting No. 2 Groups– Thermal Power Station of Sermide (Mantua): Sand blasting and painting of structures of boilers; No 4 Groups of 320,000 KW– Thermal Power Station of Melilli (SR): Painting of n. Groups of 320,000 KW with engine room of the Thermal Power Station of Ostiglia (Mantua): painting of various boilers etc.. – Thermal Power Station of Tavazzano (MI): Painting of no. 2 Groups with 320,000 KW with engine room and No. 4 tanks of mc. 50,000 – Thermal Power Station of Torrevaldaliga North (RM): Pre-painting machine room, ancillary buildings etc..; No 4 Groups of 660,000 KW of Thermal Power Station of Brindisi North : No 4 Groups of 320,000 KW - Machine Room etc.. – Thermal Power Station of Piombino (LI): Painting Groups 3 rd and 4 th Thermal Power Station of Sulcis (CA): Painting of tanks, pipes, etc..– Thermal Power Station of FIUMESANTO: Lining vinylester reinforced for ducts and equipment system – Thermal Power Station Montalto di Castro: final painting Groups 2nd and 4th of 660 MW each. – Thermal Power Station of SULCIS: Cleaning of tanks and hydrodynamic cleaning tubes of the condenser, pipelines supply of seawater and bath circulation pumps – Thermal Power Station of Fiumesanto: high pressure water washing of the main condensers, cooling water facilities, heaters, evaporators, brine heaters – Thermal Power Station of PORTOTOLLE: Mechanical cleaning and chemical- physical washing of the benches SH, RH, ECOworking stations, room and chimney of the boilers of Groups 1, 2, 3, 4 – Station of Rossano Cleaning out reservoirs and hydrodynamic cleaning of condensers and feed heaters – Thermoelectric power plants at La Casella, Piacenza, and Tavazzano and Turbino: Cleaning hydrodynamic heat exchangers
ENI Storage of Rho: removing pipe coating; – Storage of Gaeta: Removing coatings former refinery plant – Plant in Gaeta - Former Deco Catania - Naples Deposit: Complete cleaning up of all facilities. – Deposits of Civitavecchia, Ortona, Rome, Porto Torres, Palermo, Volpiano Fiorenzuola, Ravenna Plant – Refinery in Priolo (SR): insulation removal and disposal from the plant in Cumene; Reconditioning Pier 27 – Refinery of Sannazzaro de 'Burgondi - Refinery of Venice - Livorno Refinery
ENICHEM Plant in Priolo: Cleaning out pf tanks and equipment ;Chemical and hydrodynamic washing and cleaning
ESSO ITALIANA Refinery of Augusta: Insulation and asbestos insulation removal operations; Fireproofing treatment for fire protection of tanks- LPG Ball Park, RE120 coated cement meeting the requirements of the program GASAFE
ISAB Refinery of Priolo - Deposit of Savona
HYDRO ITALIA SERVICES Plant of Nera Montoro (TR)
ITALPETROLI Storage of Marine Terminal of Civitavecchia
KUWAIT Italian Mobil Oil Refinery in Naples: Insulation removal of the Thermal Power Plant – Insulation removal of the Topping plant
MONTEFIBRE Plant of Acerra (NA): insulation removal of lines and parts of the system. Removal of covers and asbestos cement pipes
PETROLIG Deposit of Vado Ligure
PRAOIL OLEODOTTI ITALIANI Deposits of Civitavecchia - Pantano di Grano - Genova Pegli - Ferrara
RAFFINERIA DI ROMA Plant in Via di Malagrotta - Rome
SARAS Refinery of Sarroch (CA)
SARPOM Refinery Trecate (NO)
SNAM PROGETTI Painting at Agip Petroleum – Refineries in Livorno - Milazzo - Sannazzaro de' Burgondi - Priolo - Saras API Refinery in Ancona – Plant in Falconara Marittima

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