Thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial plants

The complexities of insulation-related problems including fluid containment, heat dispersion, temperature control and protection of contained products are handled from our fully equipped and completely autonomous work sites which allow Rendelin constantly assure high standard job performance.
The vast experience acquired over the years in the application of thermal insulation for use in oil and chemical plants, refineries, thermoelectric plants, sugar refineries, cement works, iron and steel industries, mechanical plants, incinerator facilities and glassworks has provided our personnel with specific expertise in diversified operations as well as material selection enabling Rendelin to meet all client needs and specifications. Rendelin fully backs the quality of its fully certified, approved and laboratory tested materials as well as their installation.
We utilize a diversified range of materials for insulation work in industrial sites including:
  • polyurethane;
  • cellular glass;
  • rock wool;
  • fibreglass;
  • phenol-resin;
  • alluminium, stainless and galvanized steel plates.

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