Passive fireproofing products

Dossan fireproofing products, developed in compliance with GASAFE standards, applied with the Rendelin system are a valid contribution to the safety sector.
Especially developed, fireproof coatings offer protection for tanks containing gas, chemical products or hydrocarbons as well as any peripheral equipment and structures located near the pipelines.
Sphere tanks and horizontal and vertical cylinder tanks of any size containing pressurized, inflammable gas located in refineries, chemical plants or oil product storage areas can be treated in complete cycles with 10-50 mm fireproof coatings.
The coating, applied with the Rendelin system of application, assures corrosion protection for 10 years and tank protection for not less than 2 hours when subjected to thermal shock followed by high pressure waterjeting as specified by the safety requirements indicated in the Ministerial Decree of 15 May, 1996.

Prefabricared, cement-type, half-shell elements, 800 to 1.000 mm in length, composed of hydraulic binders with refractory fillers and specific additives (1/2 conchiglie = shells) provide fire protection in 120 – 450 mm diameter piping and are integral parts of the system tested within the GASAFE (GESIP) program.
The coating is fire-resistant from 1 to 4 hours based upon the thickness of the conchiglia = shell.

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