Chemical and hydrodynamic cleaning


Chemical cleaning with water pumps and electric pumps (flow rates up to 360 m³ / h and heads of 200 mt.) accompanied by tanks and lines, all in antacid materials.
The Rendelin S.p.A. operates by using special and controlled chemicals for descaling, pickling, passivation, polishing, dulling of metal surfaces (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, etc..) and inert surfaces (concrete, marble, granite, plastic, etc. .)


High and ultra-high pressure (up to 1000 atm.) automated hydrodynamic cleaning is ideally suited for a variety of industrial structures including tube banks, distillation turrets, storage tanks and containers. Over the years, many technological advancements have been made in this field, but the BHRA-WOMA cold cutting system stands for its lack of localized heating and this materials are not subject to any chemical or physical transformations. Furthermore, the cutting pressure does not entail further mechanical operations such as grinding, caulking etc.
These characteristics make the BHRA-WOMA system particularly suitable and most advantageous in the petroleum and chemical industries where operations are carried out in high-risk surroundings in the presence of inflammable and explosive substances where any use of flame would require extremely stringent and costly safety measures.
The cold cutting system is ideal for a wide range of applications, especially for:
  • cutting openings on tank shells to facilitate cleaning procedures;
  • cutting containers and tanks in which cleaning would otherwise not be possible;
  • cutting tank bottoms from which inflammable products have leaked onto the underlying surface;
  • cutting of tubing in underground passages/conduits;
  • cutting of floating roofs.

The BHRA-WOMA cold cutting system may be used with absolute precision on virtually any kind of materials including fireproofed surfaces such as carbon, stainless and special steels, conglomerates, glass and carbon fibres. Furthermore, the system is fully compliant with all safety, control and protection regulations and standards. This procedure utilises an automated advancement system which allows technicians to maintain a safe distance from the nozzles.

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