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Fireproof Treatments
A valid contribution to the safety sector for fire protection is ensured by the fireproof products, developed as part of the GASAFE program (GESIP) and implemented by Rendelin S.p.A.
Coatings specifically designed for fire protection affect tanks containing gas, chemicals or hydrocarbons, adjacent structures and connected pipes.
Spheres, horizontal or vertical cylindrical tanks of any size, containing flammable gas under pressure and located in refineries, chemical plants, petroleum gas depots, are treated in a complete cycle with specific fireproofing up to a thickness of 10 to 50 mm of fireproof coating.
The coatings applied with the operating methods developed by Rendlin, ensure the protection of the metal surfaces from corrosion for 10 years, and the integrity of the tanks for a period of not less than 2 hours, if subjected to the action of thermal shock and jets of water under pressure according to the safety requirements of the Ministerial Decree May 15, 1996

For the protection against fire of pipes with a diameter from 120 to 450 mm, prefabricated elements with a length of 800 to 1000 mm are available, composed of hydraulic binders with refractory fillers and specific additives (1/2 shells) which are an integral part of the system tested according to the GASAFE program (GESIP).
The fire resistance of the coating results from 1 to 4 hours depending on the thickness of the shell

Rendelin S.p.A.'s experience, leader in maintenance services, has brought the range of services offered to high efficiency levels, making it possible for the user companies to achieve complete reliability in their insulation needs in industrial plant engineering.

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