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The technology used makes it possible to limit the use of operators to the inert removal phase only, to minimize the environmental impact, due to the transfer of residues to the landfill, and to obtain maximum recovery of the oily part.
Our innovative mechanical tank remediation method is based precisely on the use of biodegradable surfactants with low environmental impact and offers the following advantages:
    • About 80-90% of the hydrocarbon base present in the foundations is recovered.
    • The quality of the recovered base makes it suitable for reworking to topping as a filler for other plants or for blending the fuel oil pool.
    • The aqueous base, if present, can be discharged to the refinery water treatment without creating problems;
    • The residual volume (mainly inorganic matter) which remains on the bottom of the tank and which must be removed by conventional means is only 10% of the original volume;
    • Reduction of about 40% of the times normally used for remediation carried out up to now with traditional methods;
    • Our system proceeds until the phase of disposal of the residual sludge (inorganic part) is therefore to be considered a "turn-key project";
    • The process minimizes the risks both for the Personnel, as manual intervention is reduced to a minimum, and for the Environment due to the absence of solvents and the high biodegradability of the mixtures used.
We plan to operate according to the steps described below:
  • Site inspection and technical data retrieval;
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the sludge;
  • Hypothesis of treatment;
  • Project / proposal drafting for customer approval;
  • Construction site assembly;
  • Work execution;
  • Evaluation of the treatment, return of the clean tank and gas free certification

  • We are sure that the "Tank Cleaning" system we described above offers customers economic and innovative advantages in the technology used up to now, we ask you to be invited to participate in the next cleaning tenders and to be contacted in order to agree with you our visit through which you will be given further clarifications or explanations on the method indicated. We are pleased to inform you that the method has already been successfully applied in various foreign and Italian refineries.

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