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The evolution of anticorrosive coatings, the new surface preparation methods, the new application systems and the new limits imposed by respect for the environment, have brought substantial changes to these operations which today can be summarized as follows:
Dry sandblasting. The siliceous abrasives with a high degree of dustiness have been replaced with specific abrasives of higher hardness, low dustiness, calibrated granulometry according to the degree of roughness necessary or required for subsequent painting.
Wet sandblasting. Mixed action of abrasive and water delivered at 12atm. Pressure, guarantees the total absence of dust in the atmosphere.
Sandblasting. It combines the mechanical action of the abrasive with the hydrodynamic action of water at very high pressure (250-350 atm.) Ensuring the achievement of high standards of cleaning in the absence of atmospheric pollution.
High and very high pressure waterjet. As an innovative technology in the preparation of surfaces by removing corrosion products and incoherent residues of old coatings through the use of high pressure (700-1700 bar) or ultra-high pressure (1700-2500 bar) water jets, in total absence of dust formation.
The surfaces treated in this way have an excellent base of adhesion for the painting cycles to be applied.
The degree of preparation is identified by the standard SSPC-SP12 / NACE n 5.
Baking Soda System (Accustrip). Based on the use of bicarbonate crystals and low pressure water, it allows to operate with systems in operation in hazardous areas due to flammability risks, without generating fumes or sparks.
Incoherent layers of old paint, layers of rust are eliminated without any damage or abrasion on any material.
Surface treatment of metals, to harden the surface. This system was developed for the treatment of turbines in C.T.E (rotors and stators), and is performed with analytical checks of the Almen grades and the roughness impressed according to the UNI-5394-72 standards.
The application of paint products is carried out with low or high pressure spray systems with different nozzles both in diameter and in spray angle. It is therefore possible to operate on any type of small or large surface, with dry content or solvent-free products, in order to reduce application costs (thus drastically reducing the number of layers) and minimizing or avoiding environmental pollution. by the emission of solvents.
Specialist applications of two-component epoxy lining up to 1500 microns on tank bottoms, are carried out with the aid of hot Airless type Bimixer, in total absence of solvent
Primers, galvanizing agents, intermediates, finishing products, special products in various types for a wide range of performances and resistances required in the industrial sectors, are used in the application cycles of Rendelin S.p.A.
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