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Assembly and disassembly of Layher multidirectional scaffolding and tubular scaffolding, of the shape and size necessary for reclamation, insulation, insulation, inspections, painting, etc. which are developed in the industrial sector.
Specialized personnel, design skills, technical staff and high quality materials are the qualifying points of the reliability in the execution and safe use of scaffolding by Rendeli S.p.A.
The wide range of construction elements deposited in the central warehouse and in the operational sites, ensure reduced intervention and execution times.
The sectors where we operate are power plants and refineries for
    • exteriors and interiors of LPG tanks and spheres
    • chimneys
    • piers and loading / unloading areas
    • cisterns
    • piping rack
    • buildings

Via A. De Curtis, 4
80040 Cercola (NA)
+39 081 733 1188
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